MadCap English-Spanish Dictionary

MadCap English-Spanish Dictionary 4.0

MadCap English-Spanish Dictionary is an add-on to Lingo

MadCap English-Spanish Dictionary is an add- on application that allows the user to make text translations with a single click. In fact, the English-Spanish dictionary is an add-on to the main MadCap Program Lingo, which is the real platform.

The application is a tool that allows single document or batch file translation. Files to be translated will be added to a new or existing "project", which will have all translation history as well as the translation preferences. When selecting a file, the application will determine the source file language, then prompt the user to select the target language for the project. If the text is accurate the program will display it in a split screen view so all translation changes can be seen. And in case the translation tags are not correct, they can be further edited. A dictionary can be displayed to assist the user in single word translation.

The application allows Term-bases creation, this is particularly helpful for translation/edition of files using certain jargon or vocabulary.

Augusto Rivera
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  • The program can translate all texts that matches its language database


  • Developer claims that Microsoft SQL Server Express is not required to run MadCap Lingo. However, without it, users will not be able to create a Translation Memory database (a 235MB additional download). And you need those to work translations. The price is excessive
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